Wrinkle Filler Treatment through Stem Cells Therapy
Volume of Youthfullness that stays


LIPOKRAFTTM is a wrinkle –filling product containing 100% cells derived from one’s own fat. It can be used anywhere in the body for a number of treatments, including filling both fine and deep linesin addition to wrinkles. Following LIPOKRAFT, the newly active cells go to work triggering a dynamic regeneration reaction at the cellular level while filling the wrinkles initiated by ageing. The introduction of oodles of powerful new cells into the skin permits the replacement of lost volume with a natural, young-looking outcome.


  • The difference between synthetic fillers and LIPOKRAFT is that wrinkles are filled completely with one’s own cells and not with extraneous, artificial components.
  • The ‘processrefurbishes’ the youthful contour and silhouette of the face.
  • It accomplishes a dual action: increasing the volume and renovating the skin.
  • Offers long-lasting outcomes
  • LIPOKRAFT is the only filler that lasts as cells life and consequently for several years.

Note: the effectiveness of the treatment is subjected to heredities, skin condition, age and lifestyle dynamics. For these reasons, it will differ from individual to individual.

What to expect?

wrinkle treatment in Delhi

Fine and deep wrinkles vanish

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Skin becomes livelier and more toned

Skin Glowing

Enhanced collagen and elasticity and improved skin texture


Natural and glowing skin

wrinkle filler in Delhi

A Simple And Safe 4 Step Procedure To Rediscover Your Young And Aorgeous



A pre-examination is done by a qualified doctor, to ascertain the safety of the patient and the efficacy of the treatment.



A small sample of adipose fat is collected from the hip or abdomen of the patient, via a small puncture, under local anaesthesia, to minimize patient anxiety or discomfort.


Stem cell activation

The collected sample is processed in a state-of-the-art stem cell lab to derive the activated Autologous Stem Cells.


Stem cell implantation

The stem cells are implanted into the facial skin using a very fine pine needle within the same day.