Scars And Stretch Marks Correction in Delhi
Some imperfections can be rubbed off

Scars And Stretch Marks

Scars and stretch marks are imperfections that can affect a person's look and confidence. Stretch marks occur when the body grows faster than the skin can expand with it. As a result, the elastic fibers beneath the surface of the skin break leading to stretch marks. The most common being the pregnancy stretch marks. These marks appear as reddish initially, but post pregnancy they turn white or gray. They may fade into silver lines or stay as is; in both the cases they create unpleasantness to your body looks. Scars on the other hand are caused due to damage on the dermis. When the body starts to heal, new collagen fibers are formed to mend the damage which results in the formation of scars.

What is LIPOKRAFT Advance?

LIPOKRAFT Advance through Adipose derived stem cells; it is able to diminish the deep acne scars and stretch marks: they happen when the skin is overstretched. This abrupt extension causes a mark in the bottom layer of the skin that becomes evident. Scarring has many reasons from accidents to acne, surgery, diseases such as chicken pox and uncountable other reasons.

Why LIPOKRAFT Advance ?

  • LIPOKRAFT Advance is an advanced treatment that permits the reduction of scars and stretch marks using Adipose Derived Stem Cells. In both circumstances, the inoculation of ADSC reestablishes the physiologic condition of normal skin repairing the damages through the extracellular matrix rebuilt. Furthermore, the ADSC confiscate the fibrotic tissue that reveals the scar making it nasty in appearance.

What To Expect?

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Stretch marks can be decreased to give the skin a clear and renewed appearance.

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The treatment aids your skin to heal appropriately without any scarring.

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Gradual reduction of wound scars


ADSC help to restructure new skin, permitting skin lesions to gradually diminish and be replaced by fresh, smooth skin. The outcome is skin that looks healthy, smooth and luminous.

Asherman syndrome

Stemgenn Scars Treatment

Stemgenn presents a permanent cure for pregnancy stretch marks using stem cells. Stemgenn stem cell treatment makes use of stem cells, to treat stretch marks. Stem cells possess the unique ability to replicate into new cell types and repair the damaged cells. The procedure involves introducing activated stem cells into the affected skin areas. These cells multiply and this speedy cell turnover stimulates new collagen growth, leading to new plumper, healthier skin, with no stretch marks. The procedure is non-surgical, hence completely painless and safe, entailing no risks of rejection or infection. You will love to flaunt your renewed body with healthy skin and permanently vanished stretch marks.

Why Stemgenn Stem Cell treatment for Pregnancy Stretch Marks Removal?

  • Ground breaking through stem cell technology
  • Permanent results
  • Non-surgical, safe procedure
  • Zero side effects and risks of infection or allergies
  • Treatment performed by certified world class doctors and practitioners
  • State-of-the-art stem cell lab and facility
  • Why wait! Contact us today to regain your flawless body and skin!