Give your body all it needs in the most natural way

One Size Does Not Fit All Is The Mantra

Every person is unique and so are the needs. Our unique programme is customised to your body needs that you may not be aware of. Based on the current status of your health and the disease/diseases, you may be suffering from, our team of experts personalise the program to get you back to the best of you. Any individual, man or woman, who wish to improve the quality of life can immensely benefit from this program.

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" This has no vitamins and minerals but it’s guaranteed not to cause cancer "



To reprogram our biochemistry, nutritional supplements is one of the key transcend strategies. They can bridge the gap between your needs and diet leading to a more balanced approach. Our belief is the big power is on the plate, not in a pill. Our specially designed programme only utilises the essential supplements to take you the last mile of your journey to the prime you.

With the help of the latest in technological advancements, regenerative medicine can now help you to effectively manage the aging process through hormone replacements, PRP Therapy and stem cell treatment for anti-aging. Our closed-lab process help supply your body with more stem cells which can help naturally treat the areas of distress, effectively slow down the ageing process.


Many foods contain small amounts of bacteria and fungi –normally, this isn’t a problem. But as your immune system is recovering after a transplant, you’ll be more vulnerable to infections, so our transplant team will advise you to continue the foretold food safety advice in the early stages of recovery.

During your stem cell transplant and the recovery stage, your body needs more nutrients to rebuild and repair cells and tissue, and to develop new ones. You might also need to make some changes to your diet during your recovery, depending on whether you have any of the symptoms described above. Our expert team of doctors will gingerly guide you through this stage by advising some suggested basic tips and diet plant.

Specializes In Customizing Diet Plans As Per Clients’ Requirements And Lifestyle.

  • Believes in clients’ education for long lasting results
  • Specializes in diabetes management
  • Specializes in lifestyle management
  • Specializes in weight management
  • Effective management of thyroid and PCOS
  • Nutrition for skin and hair
  • Preparation for pregnancy, pregnancy care and post delivery
  • weight loss
  • Pediatric nutrition
  • Sports nutrition
  • Geriatric nutrition


Regular exercise both before and after your stem cell transplant will prevent you from losing your strength and overall activity levels. However, exercising too hard or improperly may be harmful. Our team at StemGenn provides guidelines to help you exercise effectively in order to promote a sense of well-being and cope with fatigue. Before starting any new exercise routine, it is important consult with a doctor. A physical therapist and an occupational therapist at our centre will work with you to design an exercise program for both during and after your hospital stay. We encourage you to make exercise a regular part of your life and become an active participant in your treatment and recovery.