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Metabolic Health and Weight loss Program a parallel aid for Diabetes, Cardiovascular, Hormonal Imbalance, Sexual Dysfunction and Mental Abilities.

The Metabolic Health and Weight loss Program at StemGenn Therapeutics is determined to provide visible weight loss interventions with potent evidence for being effectual.

The program not just helps achieve weight loss but also shapes other integral factors that directs one towards a healthier lifestyle.

This program draws itself as a multi-disciplinary program and has adjoining links with many related specialist such as surgeons, diabetologists, experts in sleep medicine and stress reduction. At Stemgenn, get help from our expert to select the right metabolic medicine in India.

The main focus of the program is to pay attention to individuals health instead of working towards any specific disease. The idea is to keep the individual’s overall health as the centric focus, and then initiate further steps keeping in mind what’s more integral to raise the complete health quotient.

Talking of the practical aspect of the program we have an effective weight loss plan breakdown for our clients , the vision behind the built up of this plan is to create a collective space for all the weight loss interventions. Optimal meal replacement program is one of the most reliable programs so far and has a proven record of several decades whereas other methods such as medications for weight loss have recently scored an approval after numerous high quality clinical trials.

Most of the people who carry too much body fat experience side effects of increased metabolic risk factors. Thus, excess body weight results in several other negative effects on your life. We at StemGenn Therapeutics aim at cutting down on all these negative effects by offering you effective therapies that can help you get back to a healthy place where you can welcome all the joys of life with open arms.

The conditions that can improve rapidly as a result of weight reduction include: High blood pressure, Diabetes, Fatty Liver, Sleep Apnea, Sexual Health Cancer risk and Joint disease.

Metabolic medicine in India

The elements of the Weight Loss Program at StemGenn Therapeutics:

  • Improving your health will be our centric focus.
  • The idea is to develop a systemic understanding of your goals for weight loss.
  • Offer approved and effective medications.
  • Initiate with Optimal meal replacement program.
  • Conduct clinical trials to develop better therapies.
  • Offer personalised interventions.
  • Individual and group sessions to help initiate improvement by every means.
  • A dynamic team with a multidisciplinary approach.
  • Close relationship with associated specialties.

We strive to move forward with a multifaceted vision!

One of the biggest challenges of helping patients lose weight is that not every body works the same, not every intervention works similarly for every body type therefore we begin by developing a personal therapy plan and to design the same we count in the opinion of each and every specialist since each of them have something or the other to offer, but there is no place that a patient can be evaluated in a comprehensive way, Thus, While running our program, a regular case-conference is conducted where all the aspects of various challenging cases are discussed. This allows the in-put of people from a wide spectrum - be it the dieticians, psychologists, gastroenterologists, surgeons and others to be considered all of them pour in their flow of advices in order to setup the best possible management plan. This is the key to develop a personalized approach that will solely work for individual patients and will help them achieve success in their weight loss journey.

Stemgenn Therapeutics offer approved and effective Metabolic Medicine in India.We provide the scientific approach for managing matabolic disorder.