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Your secret to recovery lies in your genes


Using valid and proven Genome tools to improve your chances of fighting life threatening diseases Genomics play a vital role in 90% of life threatening diseases. The introduction of genome studies in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment plan helps in understanding the risks of common and rare diseases associated with all types of people. The right diagnosis is possible with the right assessment and genomics help us evaluate the same with the highest accuracy.

Genome Health Assessment

Genome Health Assessment help us in the treatment of a wide range of diseases like Heart disease, Cancer, Stroke, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease which can be life threatening if not diagnosed at the right time. Stemgenn Therapeutics is leading the stem cell and genomics revolution in India. Our customised treatment and unique diagnosis plans help to create the most accessible and affordable treatment plan for the mass public.


  • GeneKraft is a unique process of using genetic tests and family health history for the risk prediction and accurate diagnosis of life threatening diseases using complex algorithms and scientific studies to help the doctor create customised treatment plan for the patient.

Assessment that changes the healthcare industry


Risk Assessment

Genekraft helps is risk assessment of individuals for all types of life threatening helping in creating a proactive care plan.


Accurate Diagnosis

Most conditions can be treated if diagnosed at the right time. Individuals who are already sick but not diagnosed may benefit from the same.



It is used by scientists and doctors for making the right prognosis of diseases and creating a care plan that actually work.