The hormonal balance that is essential

Bio-Identical Hormones

Bioidentical hormones are hormones synthesised to look, perform and replicate the functions of hormones that are naturally produced by the ovary. These hormones replace what is missing in the female body so that it has all it needs to feed and perform the way it was originally designed for.


  • Restore your body to her healthy prime.
  • Menopausal symptoms go away
  • It accomplishes a dual action: increasing the volume and renovating the skin.
  • Sex drive, memory, mood improves
  • Reduced risk of heart/bone complications
  • Improved Immune System

Re-establish Optimum Hormone Equilibrium

Hormonal Loss is a very difficult passage for everyone. The real trouble starts when a woman hits the menopausal stage and the loss of hormones becomes evident. The process is closely related to the ageing process and affects the woman in many ways.

Bioidentical hormones enter the bloodstream and perform just like the original hormones that were to be produced by a healthy body. Scientifically proven, Bioidentical hormones are the molecular keys that the the body can automatically recognize and utilize to establish the right balance.

You Have More Control Over Aging Than You Think


Skin elasticity and texture improves

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Slows down ageing

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Better hair growth

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Better Nail Growth